What's Your Passion?

What's Your Passion?

Whatever it is... STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF!

Passion Fuels A Business
That  is the key to your success. Turn Your "PASSION" Your Knowledge Into  Revenue...Do What Successful "Infopreneurs" Do. Become an "information  entrepreneur." Basically monetize what you know.

All of us have  at least two or three things that excite us. We could talk about these  subjects for hours. People still don't realize that their hobbies and  life skills can generate a solid income on the Web.

For small or  home offices, startups, and newbies, this is ideal for the small  business person just starting out (and there are zillions of folks in  this boat, looking desperately for a way to make money online).

It's  so simple. Not "easy" (real business takes some work)... it's simple.  No technical barriers to stop you. Provide in-demand information  ("Content") about something you know. Don't forget to check out the  Tax Break Video.  "Be Inspired!" 


Have you ever been around someone who says,  “I love my job” or “I love what I do!” Though you are happy for them.  Then you stop to think about what you are doing, and say to yourself, “I  wish I could say the same.” Well you can!

We have the resources  that will jump start the process or assist you in taking your business  to the next level. No more excuses.  You Can Do It!

Stay True To Yourself!

Passion, Passion, Passion! You need to be passionate about what you do, to make things happen!

‣ Be Positive, Persistent, Determined, Motivated! It is contagious!
‣ Differentiate yourself from the pack. Be a maverick, don't just go with the flow.
‣ Trust your instinct- Have confidence in Yourself! Don't forget to be yourself!
‣ Don't give up! Find something to hang on when things get tough!
‣ Create loyalty in your company.
‣ Understand what is important.
‣ Choose the right people for the right place.
‣ Stay involved.

Always  consider the possibility that what you expect to happen won't and what  you don't expect to happen will. That way you'll be ready with ideas for  change to adapt, not react, to whatever is thrown at your company.  Summarized as "always have a B plan" just in case. My best advice is to  not be afraid to fire people the second they are not working out. A  loser will do a lot more damage than no one at all.

Business is  not about technology, it is not about products, it is not about  marketing, it is not about finance, it is not about manufacturing; yes,  you need all that but business in all about PEOPLE. You have to motivate  people, sell people, work with people, leverage people, satisfy  people... and when you are done, you might have a little time left over  for those other things.

Entrepreneurs... Inspiration

How To Be Successful Doing What You Love

25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful Entrepreneurs Characteristics

How To Be a Successful Entrepreneurs...

1. Do what you enjoy.
2. Take what you do seriously.
3. Plan everything.
4. Manage money wisely.
5. Ask for the sale.
6. Remember it's all about the customer.
7. Become a shameless self-promoter - (without becoming obnoxious).
8. Project a positive business image.
9. Get to know your customers
10. Level the playing field with technology.
11. Build a top-notch business team.
12. Become known as an expert
13. Create a competitive advantage.
14. Invest in yourself
15. Be accessible.
16. Build a rock-solid reputation
17. Sell benefits
18. Get involved.
19. Grab attention
20. Master the art of negotiations.
21. Design Your workspace for success.
22. Get and stay organized.
23. Take time off.
24. Limit the number of hats you wear
25.Follow-up constantly.

James  Stephenson, from Entrepreneur Press. For the extended version of this article, visit online.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Entrepreneur?

Define Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is a person who has  possession of an enterprise, or venture, and assumes significant  accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. It is an  ambitious leader who combines land, labor, and capital to often create  and market new goods or services.

Entrepreneurship is often  difficult and tricky, resulting in many new ventures failing. The word  entrepreneur is often synonymous with founder. Most commonly, the term  entrepreneur applies to someone who creates value by offering a product  or service, by carving out a niche in the market that may not exist  currently. Entrepreneurs tend to identify a market opportunity and  exploit it by organizing their resources effectively to accomplish an  outcome that changes existing interactions within a given sector.

Are you willing to accept a level of personal, professional or financial risk to pursue opportunity?

Business entrepreneurs are viewed as  fundamentally important in the capitalistic society. Some distinguish  business entrepreneurs as either "political entrepreneurs" or "market  entrepreneurs," while social entrepreneurs' principal objectives include  the creation of a social and/or environmental benefit.

Entrepreneurship  is the act of being an entrepreneur which is a French word meaning one  who undertakes an endeavor. Entrepreneurs assemble resources including  innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform  innovations into economic goods.

The concept of entrepreneurship  has a wide range of meanings. On the one extreme an entrepreneur is a  person of very high aptitude who pioneers change, possessing  characteristics found in only a very small fraction of the population.  On the other extreme of definitions, anyone who wants to work for  himself or herself is considered to be an entrepreneur.

The  Merriam-Webster Dictionary presents the definition of an entrepreneur as  one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or  enterprise.

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