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Internet Entrepreneur

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An Internet Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur  that applies innovation to create new businesses on the Internet and  are part of the more general category of digital entrepreneurs. Digital  Entrepreneurship takes advantage of computing in general to innovate and  create new ventures. Now that we are totally clear on with the business  at hand.

More and more people are working from their home office  using their personal computer(s) to generate a substantial amount of  income. The search is on in finding new ways of creating multiple  streams of income. We know because we are always researching these  resources to share with you, as well as to add new streams of income to  our own bank account. We are firm believers, that "Together Everyone  Achieves More!" TEAM!

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What Is Blogging?


Blogging is just a different way to build a Website

Its content  is organized by the date/time of its "posts," which are what blogs call  "Web pages" (even the word "posts" suggests time-sensitivity).

So why did it become so popular?

It was not due to the journal format. Nor  was it the heavy link-exchanging that bloggers do (Google discounts  their importance).

It was not blogging itself at all.  Instead, it was a technology called "RSS" (enables visitors to subscribe  to your latest content) that caused blogging to enter the mainstream.

Since  blogs are essentially about your latest post (few read more than that),  RSS was the missing ingredient. It alerts followers when you make your  latest post. That is critical for blogging, which delivers  time-sensitive info.

RSS, however, is not blogging. It is an  excellent technology that rapidly disseminates your latest content to  both Search Engines and visitors. And that is why all SBI! sites have  used

Should You Blog or Build A Web Site? You decide for yourself.

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