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BrandMakerNews  -- is an online brand building a community that gives entrepreneurs the resources they need to move their businesses forward. We want to show  entrepreneurs that branding can be affordable, practical and game  changing, if they’re ready to make their brands work hard for them,”  said Harley of The BrandMaker.

“There are millions of great  businesses, incredible products, and talented people that are not  getting the recognition or generating the revenue they deserve,” said  Tia Harley, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Strategist for The BrandMaker.  “BrandMaker News was created as a movement to get people thinking about  themselves as brands, and to show them simple ways to take their  careers, ideas and businesses to the next level.”

“To stay ahead  of your competition, and secure the right opportunities, you have to  invest in your brand, make it stand for something and keep it attractive  to your audience,” said David Harley, Co-Founder and Chief Creative  Officer for The BrandMakers. Why YOUR Brand Matters?

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